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This is a christian biblestudy blogsite which aims to encourage and challenge other christians in their walk. it is also aimed at encouraging seekers to find truth in the word of God and all are most welcome

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Hello my name is John Dowling
I Live in Croydon in the UK
I am self employed as a truck driver and part-time church evangelist
I have been a devoted Christian for the last 4 years, despite being in church circles for a lot longer, I was the original sleeper in the pew, until really God awakened me to the fact that this message of ‘Good News’ we have been given is NOT meant to be kept to ourselves and must be told to whoever we can and wherever we can. It’s so important because of what is to come in everyone’s future.

This is the main reason I am blogging on this site.

My Beliefs:

My beliefs are mainly of a ‘Reformed theology’ nature.

I believe in God, Who is God in three persons – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
All equally God in person and all equally distinct.

I believe this God is sovereign in power and all mankind’s history is determined by certain known milestone events that have taken place or are yet to take place, as determined in God’s unique revelation for mankind to know Him (The Bible) written by men specifically chosen by God and the authority of God the Holy Spirit. The bible is therefore inerrant and God breathed and is authoritative over all mankind. I believe the bible is in ‘whole’ to be trusted and that ‘all Scripture is profitable for teaching, reproofing, rebuking and equipping….

These milestone events are:
I believe at Creation God Created the heavens and the earth ‘ex nihilo’ out of nothing by the word of God He made it all. (no outside agent used – God only)
I believe that God created it exactly as the Genesis accounts state in six literal days and then rested from all His work on the seventh day. Thereby setting the seventh day apart as a sanctified day of rest and that our eternal rest is also to be found in God alone.
God made it all good and there was no death or sin or struggle or pain. All perfect.
God did spoke everything into existence apart from on the sixth day ‘He made’ Adam and Eve to be in a special relationship with Him and under His authority were to have dominion over everything else. Note: the first man and women were ‘fully grown’ and able to be fruitful and multiply – a special instruction/command from God. As such, contrary to modern day thinking and rebellion, marriage is sanctified by God and it is between a male and a female only. In order to sustain the existence of life. (God brings life and sustains it). For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife….
Together, they were to reign on the earth to tend and care for it all. They were made in the image and likeness of God, they were made the same but with different roles to fulfil.
Creation was made by God as a blessing to all life on the earth with specific universal laws to give life and sustain life. Ordered/complex/planned/purposed

2. Corruption:
What was a blessing became curse
Mankind changed headship from the Creator God to the usurper Satan through subtle means to bring doubt upon what God has said and ordained. They wanted to become like God and became bound to a new master.
As a result of this disobedience against God authority and word ‘sin’, all parties involved received judgement for their part in the rebellion:

Satan: Satan is doomed to eternal judgement, though He will reign in the world for a short time, because mankind is held bound and held captive by him.

Mankind and God: The relationship is damaged and mankind is separated from God both physically and spiritually. As a result because God is the life-giver when Mankind chose Satan’s headship, mankind rejected God and have become bound to death and eternal separation, through Satan’s headship. Mankind has now a sinful nature and is bound to die dead in their sin and transgressions and become eternally separated from God to experience the same fate as Satan. Mankind is driven away from the presence of God and the blessings and protections they once experienced under Him are no longer:

Man and women relationship is broken:
Because Eve was found guilty of choosing to reject the creator God’s words, her desire will be to usurp, in the same way, the man’s authority over her which God gave to the man, because man willingly went along with it the power struggle will continually affect their relationship. The unity they once had in being in a joint role with different responsibilities has now changed.

Mankind and the created order:
Cursed be the ground because of you….
the whole universe is under the curse of corruption, Pandora’s box is opened so to speak natural disasters will happen the universe is set to be consumed. Mankind will struggle in toil and pain to get anything from the ground (thorns and thistles shall grow because of you…) Life from now on will be a hard toilsome struggle to survive. Animals now kill to survive and are also subjected to the corruption. Everything once called good has become very bad and set to get worse!

God however, shows much ‘grace’ for in His judgements there is the point that His intention is to bring people back to Himself. The undeserved favour is on those who believe what God says concerning mankind’s redemption in the One who would come from God to save those who do believe from the fate that is set for all mankind and this universe. He would come to put an end to Satan’s usurping headship Gen 3:15, He would also be the One to make an atonement for sin and will be able cover the guilt and shame that sin leaves behind see Gen 3:21, in relation to Gen 3:7 – It would be a work of God, not man that covers sin.

3. The Catastrophe
Sin for a time shows that it is deadly and spirals out of control left unchecked the original sin lead to the first murder and the corruption continued to lead only to disastrous effect. The wickedness of mankind leads to a point of God’s judgements being exercised fully – if mankind is to be unrepentant then God has no option but to act in just penalty of it. My Spirit will not contend with man’s forever, 120 years shall be the time he has to respond…Gen 6:3
The lesson is that God always gives ample time for mankind to repent and return to Him, that’s the point of the judgement, but an end must come when enough becomes enough and then men provoke God to act in wrath for wickedness. The hearts of men were continually evil and committing wickedness to the point of no return or repentance possible in them. See Gen 6:5-7.
God did judge to bring them back for He called Noah to warn them, but the time was set at 120 years for warning. Judgement turn to wrath and God saved Noah and his family and a representative number of all living things from the catastrophe. Meanwhile everything was returned to a before state to the creation of the earth. see Gen 1:2. God in carrying out a sort of recreation shows His commitment to all of creation and foreshadows the time when those found believing that His chosen One can save them from their sins and restore the relationship will have a place in a new heaven and a new earth at the ‘Consummation’

4. Confusion of Languages and the Dispersion
After the global catastrophic flood a new mandate was given to mankind reminiscent of a previous one ‘to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth’
They were told to go and repopulate the earth.
However a large number under a rebellious leader decided that they would stay put
and have a great name for themselves. Again wanting to Usurp God and build God out of their lives. Look at the how they say it in Gen 11, ‘come let us build for ourselves….’ Reminiscent of ‘Come let Us make man in Our Image and likeness…’
God then says ‘come let us go down and confuse their language…’
What God does is amazing he gives them all different languages so that they would have to regroup and spread out. instead of making their name great God forces them to disperse by changing their languages, thereby repopulating the earth.
God then in chapter 12:1-3 sets to bringing His chosen One into the world, by choosing Abram (later Abraham) and makes a covenantal promise to make his name great by making him into a great nation that would bring blessing to all nations. It would be through the seed of Abraham that the Saviour would come.

5. Christ
The Chosen One of God came into the world to bring great salvation to all nations. God Himself veiled in human form came to earth. He proclaimed the kingdom of God, calmed the seas released the demon possessed, healed the lepers; the lame; the sick; the blind receive their sight; those who could not hear now heard and the dead were raised to life. These miracles were intended to show the aspects of the work of the Christ and that He truly was the Creator God who has control over all things and all things are subjected to Him. Control over nature; control over sin and death; control over demons and the spirit realm; control over human kind; control over who sees and hears….. Those considered untouchable and unclean were touched by Him and made clean. This is the nature of the One sent to us, true God and true humanity, yet missed by so many He came to.

6. Cross
Jesus in His ministry showed that the purpose of His coming was to be handed over to wicked men to be humiliated, to suffer at their hand and be led away to be crucified. But He also promised that on the third day would rise again from the dead. He was to be the sacrifice made on behalf of mankind for their sin to appease the wrath of God and make atonement for the sin of those who would believe in Him alone for their salvation.
This He did willingly and became sin at the cross and allowed Himself to be punished in place of the guilty so those who believe would be justified before God.
He did this because He loved the world so much that He offered Himself for it to be redeemed from the fate of eternal separation.

7. Consummation
After His death He was raised to life and seen by many witnesses to this fact and later ascended to heaven with the promise that One day He would return and have a new kingdom. He will return to judge the living and the dead and would put an end to Satan’s temporary reign.
All those who believe would be inheritors of the new heaven and new earth and would be heir of this new kingdom. What a promise to those who believe that He is able to bring to pass this promise and we can trust God’s word that He is faithful to deliver.
In this new kingdom curse would be gone replaced with blessing. There will be no more tears, pain or death. It will be as it was in the beginning.


Written by johnldowling

March 5, 2013 at 12:18 pm

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